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Emily O'Neill



    Emily O'Neill is a FEI level dressage trainer and instructor. Her riding career began early at Fox Meadow. She was raised on the farm and it wasn't long before she was up in the saddle. During her childhood and teenage years, she developed well rounded basics and was competitive in both eventing and dressage.

    The year following high school,  Emily accepted a full time position as a working student at Blue Hill Farm under the tutelage of Jessica and Missy Ransehausen.  There she gained valuable experience training horses of all ages, levels, and disciplines. She also acquired an essential understanding of horse and farm management.

   Emily’s passions for dressage grew and lead her to spend the 2008 - 2009 winter season training in Florida with her horse Falko under FEI trainer Jamie Kment. That spring in Florida Emily met Dorie Addy-Crow and eagerly accepted a riding position. Emily spent the next seven years with Dorie, initially as her working student to eventually becoming her assistant trainer. During that time, Emily became known for her work with the Kynynmont connemara ponies, training several of them from green broke to upper and FEI levels, and enjoyed many wins against top bred warmbloods.  Having Dorie as a mentor not only brought Emily much success competitively, but taught her  to have the determination and diligence that this sport requires and the importance of quality care for the horse. 

    Emily then went on to have a hugely successful 2015 season as assistant to Silva Martin. She gained enormous experience in the show arena, riding most of Silva's young horses and qualifying many of them for the regional finals at the end of the year.

     Emily has enjoyed success showing clients’ horses  throughout  Region One and the Florida Circuit, as well as major US competitions including Dressage at Devon and The CBLMs. She has earned champion titles at both the Regional and National Dressage Finals. She has developed a special talent for working with young horses, she has had experience riding and training horses of every age, level and type, thus giving her valuable insight as a teacher. She has a true passion for dressage and loves to share her knowledge with riders at every level. 




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